Self Care Gift Pack!
Self Care Gift Pack!

Self Care Gift Pack!

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Christmas is on the way and I am excited! This self care pack is perfect for a peaceful night in or to brighten up your morning routine. Choose from lavender or aloe vera soap and a choice of natural, bamboo charcoal or chamomile konjac sponge. This is a wonderful gift for friends or family.


  • Shea butter facial cleansing bar:

Containing just four ingredients, this nourishing cleansing bar is ideal for sensitive skin and fragrance free for a natural facial routine.

  • Lavender soap:

Wonderfully scented and perfect for hands or body, Friendly Soap's handmade soap bar makes a great gift for anyone. Alternatively, it can be replaced with unscented aloe vera.

  • Konjac sponge:

This facial sponge is made from 100% natural konjac fibre. It gently cleanses and exfoliates, with or without a cleanser. Also available in bamboo charcoal or soothing chamomile.

  •  Nail Brush:

This vegan nail brush uses natural cactus bristle to get at all that dirt under your nails! 

  • Organic lip balm:

Organic Essences lip balm is completely natural, and moisturises your lips with nourishing shea butter.