Kitchen Gift Pack
Kitchen Gift Pack

Kitchen Gift Pack

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Christmas Is Coming!!!

   This gift pack contains some essentials for a kitchen with less plastic and is perfect for friends and family. 


  • Reusable beeswax food wrap:

These replace the need for disposable cling film and smell amazing while doing it! 3 mixed sized wraps for all your Christmas needs.

  • Washing up scraper:

Cleverly made from the outer husk of a coconut, these are perfect for scraping tough burnt on food from pans while gentle enough not to scratch them.

  • Washing  up brush:

I love these brushes! They satisfy most of your washing up needs and are a natural alternative to plastic washing up brushes.

  • Washing up pad:

These washing up pads expand and soften in water, so are great for reaching to the inside of cups! Comes in a 2 pack