Tips For A Low Waste Halloween!

     Happy Halloween! I've always loved  the dressing up and decoration that comes with Halloween, not to mention the free sweets! However, since starting Green Seas, I've been looking for ways to make this amazing celebration more Eco-friendly. Here are 5 tips for a low waste Halloween!


1. Pumpkins!

    Pumpkins are an amazing and plastic free way to decorate your house. They can be decorated in a variety of ways and are very cheap in most supermarkets. This Halloween we bought four for our family and they sit proudly on our doorstep. However, it is estimated that 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK every year 95% of which are for carving at Halloween. Most households bin the pulp and seeds, and then the pumpkin itself. That's a lot of food waste, which brings me to my next tip.


2. They're Edible!

    Whilst they are less tasty than other varieties, carving pumpkins are almost always edible, unless specified on the label. This means we waste thousands of kilograms of perfectly good  food every Halloween! Personally, I like to blend the pulp and include it in cakes or muffins because it makes them moist like courgette does. I've also tried spiced pumpkin muffins, although the recipe was in imperial units so I overdid it on the spice! You can also toast the pumpkin seeds, or put the pulp in a smoothie, but I haven't tried this.


3. Decorations

   While shopping for decorations, choose the more durable stuff because you can use it next Halloween, or even better, make them yourself! My favourites include a reusable Halloween garland and some zombie hands.


4. Costumes

    This is the part I especially loved when I was tiny. However, when looking for Halloween costumes, it's best to be careful. Not only are some of them incredibly flimsy (they're cold to wear in October and harder to reuse), but also many are highly flammable especially with all the lit pumpkins around. We usually try and make our own from what we have or buy a costume that we know will last.


5. Treats

    Who doesn't love free sweets? I do! The dilemma between providing sweets and reducing plastic is a hard one. While most of the sweets you find in the shop are very plasticy, some aren't, and you can buy those foil wrapped chocolates with relatively little plastic. You can supplement this by making your own. It's nice to go for concentrated sweets like fudge because they don't leave crumbs and are easy to make. Here's a recipe I found:

Happy Halloween!