Getting Started With A Plastic Free Bathroom


 It’s relatively easy to go completely plastic-free with everyday bathroom products. It does require a small change of habits, but there is little or no loss of convenience.


Here's the bottom line:

Teeth: Denttabs – tablets in jars or biodegradable bags

Hair: shampoo bars, conditioning bars

Body: soap, loofahs

Shaving: a double-edge razor with blades packaged in paper and card. Shaving soap sticks wrapped in paper. Shaving brushes in wood and natural bristle.


In more detail: 

Tooth care:

Plastic-free toothpaste is one of the hardest products to find. Toothpaste tubes used to be made of metal, but metal tubes went out long ago ☹. Today, the alternatives to tubes include toothpowder or toothpaste in a glass jar or metal pot, but it very hard to find such products with fluoride, which the UK’s NHS recommends (see here). Green Seas stocks fluoride Denttabs, tablets which are briefly chewed before brushing. Our Denttabs come wrapped in biodegradable cellulose. You can store them in a glass jar. For travel, a metal jar is better since it won’t shatter.

Hair care:

You can avoid plastic shampoo bottles by using shampoo bars. In the shower, rub the bar between wet hands until there is plenty of lather, then massage into your scalp. Conditioner bars are also available.

Body care:

Using good old bars of soap is an easy way to avoid liquid soap and shower gel, both of which come in plastic bottles. Green Seas stocks a good range of soap.



Modern razors are nearly all made of bonded metal and plastic, and the blades come in plastic boxes. Shaving soap typically comes in aerosols, plastic tubes or plastic jars. Green Seas recommends using double-edge razors which are old-school but effective, together with shaving soap sticks and natural brushes.