New Product! - Why we like wheat straws

        Recently, we've added these boxes of biodegradable wheat straws to our website and we think they're great! 

        Firstly, they're plastic free. Unlike normal straws, they are completely biodegradable and don't pollute our oceans and waterways. They also come packaged in a simple cardboard box which can be recycled, although I would put the actual straw in the food waste bin.

        They're better than paper straws. Wheat straws are a by-product of the farming industry and would usually go to waste. Paper straws however, are made from trees which have to be grown, and then cut down, taking up extra land and contributing to deforestation. Then there's the manufacturing process, wheat straws are simply cut and washed, whereas paper straws have to be pulped, bleached and rolled out into thin sheets, then rolled back up again to make a straw.

        They are super durable! I first encountered wheat straws in a restaurant and I was surprised by how durable they are. Unlike paper straws, they don't slowly disintegrate in your drink and remain firm even after a long meal. I even went home and made a functioning pen out of it and wrote something like a page before it broke.

        Lastly, they are natural. Have you ever thought why straws are called straws? That's because they were originally made of STRAW. They don't taste funny like plastic or paper straws and are gluten free. (Gluten isn't in the stem of the wheat plant)

        Overall, they are an amazing alternative to disposable plastic straws and are great for parties. I still prefer to use a reusable glass straw at home because that way I generate less waste, but a glass straw may not be suitable for very young children so I give them wheat straws instead.